211 Helps A Family Get Back on Their Feet


Picture a father, a mother, a young daughter and an uncle living out of a moving truck.  They had lost everything.  They were hungry, they hoped for a shower, and they needed a real place to sleep - not in their tent or moving truck.  

Thanks to a call to United Way's resource, 211 St. Croix Valley, this family was able to get help with housing and the basics that they needed to begin to get back on their feet.  When a person dials 2-1-1, they are connected to a real person that is there to listen and provide guidance on the resources right here in our communities that are there to help.  Our 211 specialists are experts in the local resources that are available, and they also provide follow-up to callers to ensure that they are able to connect to the help they need.

When this family dialed 2-1-1, they were connected first to Hudson Christian Food Cupboard for food, then to Operation Help and Grace Place for emergency assistance and shelter.  Their last connection was to Two Fishes where they were able to find a pair of wearable shoes. 

“We are there to provide hope for people,” says United Way's 211 Director.  Your support of United Way and 211 St. Croix Valley helps connect local community members with the nonprofits and services that can help them in times of need.

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