Donate Stock

Highly appreciated stocks, bonds and other securities can be very attractive vehicles for charitable gifts. Most can be donated directly to United Way St. Croix & Red Cedar Valleys through our broker, Leverty Financial Group in Hudson, at 715-377-2089.


Giving stock instead of cash can have many benefits for you:

  • By donating stock held for at least one year, you avoid paying the 15% capital gains tax typically incurred if you sell.
  • Donating stock provides the potential for significant savings.  Stock donors earn a standard tax deduction on both federal and state taxes.

For more information about donating stock, please contact Hannah Fenstermacher, at 715-377-0203.


There are special procedures for some stock gifts such as Andersen Corporation stock. Gifts of Andersen stock are handled through an arrangement with the St. Croix Valley Foundation. The Foundation has established a charitable trust at the First State Bank of Bayport. This trust can accept gifts of Andersen Corporation stock from individuals to benefit charitable organizations.

How to Give Andersen Corporation Stock:

  • Consult your professional advisor, attorney, accountant, financial planner, etc.
  • Establish a fund at the St. Croix Valley Foundation
  • Contact the First State Bank of Bayport to arrange the transfer of stock to the Foundation’s charitable trust
  • The trust will sell the stock and put the proceeds into your donor advised or designated fund
  • You can then advise the Foundation to transfer the money to our annual campaign or into United Way's endowment fund

Andersen Corporation Stock Fees:

  • A $50 transaction fee is deducted from the proceeds by the First State Bank of Bayport
  • St. Croix Valley Foundation fees vary with the type of fund established (e.g. $300+ for a short-term donor advised pass through fund)
  • For further information about donating Andersen stock, please contact the St. Croix Valley Foundation’s president, Heather Logelin, at 715-386-9490